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Realizing Radical Founders
We bring ideas to life by providing the capital, resources, network, and expertise to launch and scale successful ventures.


At Satori Giants, we are not just investors, we are co-creators of the future. Our purpose is to identify, nurture and scale the next generation of founders, those who possess not just groundbreaking ideas but also the tenacity to see them realized.

Our approach transcends short-term trends. With a long-term lens, we are committed to a timeline that spans decades, ensuring that our ventures are not just timely but timeless.


Recognizing true innovation often lies in areas less traversed, we strategically position ourselves in spaces that others might overlook. Here, we unearth and foster potential outliers that hold the promise to redefine industries.

Venturing into complex markets, we are acutely aware of the intricacies and challenges they present. But with challenge comes opportunity. Leveraging our extensive network, deep industry insights, and hands-on collaborative approach, we're poised to turn challenges into stepping stones, guiding our ventures toward market leadership and lasting impact.

About Us
Capital & Fundraising

Our team has helped 100+ founders raise new rounds of capital by developing clear value propositions and becoming investment-ready.  


We help founders communicate their stories positively, proactively and passionately.


Even though the best founders can be the quietest, the world we live in today requires founders to showcase their journey to increase their chances of raising capital. We maintain a large network of potential downstream investment partners.

Revenue & Business Model Hacking

Our team of in-house venture builders has 50+ years of business development and sales experience across international markets including the UK, US, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Korea and across Southeast Asia. 


We are committed to working very closely with startup teams to increase traction and optimize sales strategies that fit accurately within a local context so that growth can be supercharged. 


A great product can not sell itself, superior sales often outweigh superior products. 

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Our team has witnessed hundreds of businesses fail due to getting the 'boring' details wrong whereby many emerging market startups fail to have strong corporate governance and compliance from day 1. 

We have partnered with a leading accounting and finance firm to provide consistent support to founders in their journey to navigate this 'headache'. 


Where possible we step in to provide support in accounting, finance, legal and government relations, thereby allowing founders to get on with building great products and making strong sales. 

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Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

We are a dynamic collective of venture builders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and startup specialists. Each member of our team has been on both sides of the entrepreneurial journey, and that’s what makes our collaboration so potent.


We intertwine our wealth of experience, hands-on involvement, and passion for innovation to transform raw ideas into thriving enterprises. Our collective wisdom means that when you work with us, you're not just getting financial backing; you're tapping into decades of industry insights, operational expertise, and a network that truly understands the nuances of startup growth.

Together, we aim to not only fuel the next generation of groundbreaking ventures but also to shape the very fabric of tomorrow's business landscape.


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Varsity esports superstars turning their attention to 'moneyballing' the industry via a esports analytics and management platform...



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Last-mile logistics enthusiasts streamlining same-day deliveries through the deployment of mobile warehouse technology...

Jalat Logistics



Crafting a resilient and modern full-suite cloud HR & Payroll SaaS well adapted to emerging markets across the APAC region...

Better HR


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Let's Have A Talk

Join us. Tell us about your business or idea

We are always open to realizing radical founders and finding win-win opportunities to forge a long-lasting partnership. 

Feel free to reach out to explore the potential for a shared understanding of how to navigate your company's future. Our team will aim to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them.

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30 Cecil Street,

#19-08 Prudential Tower,

Singapore 049712

Thank you for reaching out!

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